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UGC NET Spanish Syllabus 2023: National Eligibility Test known as UGC NET is conducted twice a year for the selection of deserving candidates for the post of Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in the Indian Govt. Universities and Colleges.

To prepare for the Spanish NET exam, you must know the complete NTA UGC NET Syllabus 2023 for Spanish.

Here we have provided the latest UGC NET Spanish Syllabus 2023.

UGC NET Spanish Syllabus 2023

National Testing Agency (NTA) releases the UGC NET syllabus along with the latest notification. 

However, since the UGC NET syllabus for both paper-I and -II was revised by NTA in June 2019, no changes are likely to be made to this year’s NET syllabus.

The subject code for UGC NET Spanish is 40. It comprises two online papers namely Paper-I & Paper-II with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)s.

  • UGC NET Spanish Paper 1 Syllabus tests teaching and reasoning ability, research aptitude, comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness.
  •  UGC NET Spanish Paper 2 Syllabus is based on Spanish. It tests your depth of knowledge and expertise in the respective subject.

To crack the NET exam, you must know the syllabus for both the papers and mark the important topics & sub-topics to start your preparation.

UGC NET Spanish Syllabus For Paper I 2023

UGC NET Syllabus for Spanish Paper I tests the reasoning ability, reading comprehension, divergent thinking, and general awareness of the candidate.

UGC NET Spanish Paper I syllabus will have 50 questions worth 100 marks. The Paper I syllabus has 10 units, and precisely 5 questions will be asked from each unit.

Go through the exam pattern of the UGC NET Spanish Paper 1 syllabus  mentioned below:

Topics Questions Marks
Part I: Teaching Aptitude 5 10
Part II: Research Aptitude 5 10
Part III: Reading Comprehension 5 10
Part IV: Communication 5 10
Part V: Reasoning (including Maths) 5 10
Part VI: Logical Reasoning 5 10
Part VII: Data Interpretation 5 10
Part VIII: Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5 10
Part IX: People & Environment 5 10
Part X: Higher Spanish System: Governance, Polity & Administration 5 10
Total 50 100

[Check Latest UGC NET Syllabus for Spanish Paper 1]

UGC NET Spanish Syllabus For Paper II 2023

Here you can check the latest UGC NET Syllabus For Spanish Paper-II 22.

Unit –I: Grammatical Aspects, Linguistics, Methodology, and Translation

  1. Modes, Tenses, Use of the past
  2. Prepositions and other grammatical categories
  3. Language as a System of Systems
  4. Methods of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language
  5. Problems of Translation in Practice

Unit-II: Advanced Use of Spanish Language

  1. Use of Proverbs and Refrains
  2. Modismos and Idiomatic Expressions
  3. Synonyms/Antonyms
  4. Metaphors and Similes
  5. Text Analysis

Unit-III: Spain: Pre-history and Medieval Literature and Culture

  1. Making of Iberia, Greek and Roman Colonizations and their Contributions
  2. Visigoths and the Advent of Christianity
  3. Political and Cultural Mosaic of Al Andalus
  4. The reconquista and the Cultural Efflorescence of Christian Kingdoms
  5. The FormationofSpanish Language and Early Literary Manifestations (epic, lyric, popular, religious verse)

Unit-IV: Early Modern Spain

Catholic Kings and the Spanish Empire, the Habsburgs and the Bourbons

  1. Inquisition, Expulsion of Jews and Moriscos and the Making of a Homogenous Spain, Honour Code
  2. Art, Literature and Culture during the Transition to the Renaissance
  3. Renaissance and Baroque in Art, Literature and Culture
  4. Golden Age Literature

Unit-V: 18th and 19th Century Spain: Between Modernity and Tradition

  1. Enlightenment: el despotismo ilustrado and 18th Century Cultural Manifestations
  2. Historic Panorama of 19th Century: Spanish War of Independence,
  3. Constitution of Cádiz, Carlist Wars, Restoration
  4. 19th Century Art and Culture
  5. Romanticism, Realism and Naturalism
  6. Generation of 1898 and Modernism

Unit-VI: 20th and 21st Century: Contemporary Spain

  1. The Second Republic, the Popular Front and the Spanish Civil War:
  2. Fascism, Anarchism and Socialism

Vanguard movements and the Generation of 1927

  1. Post-war and Contemporary Spanish Literature, Art and Culture
  2. Transition to Democracy, Constitution of 1978, Spain and the European Union, Spanish Economic Miracle and Crisis
  3. Cinema, Performing Arts and Sports

Unit-VII: Latin America: from Pre-Hispanic to Colonial Period

  1. Aztecs, Mayas, Incas and others: Religion, Cults, Monuments
  2. Knowledge Systems of Indigenous Civilizations

Beginnings of European Invasions and Conquest

  1. Colonization of America and Mestizaje, Viceroyalties and Economic Structure of Empire
  2. Literary and artistic expressions (Códices, crónicas, cartas and diarios, Epic and Baroque in the Americas)

Unit-VIII: Independence, Formation of Nation States, Caudillos and Caciques:

  1. Liberators and 19th Century Statesmen of Latin America
  2. Romanticism and the Novel of the Nation
  3. The Mexican Revolution and Foreign Interventions in Latin America (19th and 20th Century)
  4. Modernism, Latin American Identity Construction through Essays
  5. Regionalist, Indigenous and Gaucho Literature

Unit-IX: 20th Century Latin America

  1. Revolutions, Dictatorships and the Return to Democracy
  2. The New Latin American Novel, the Boom and After
  3. Women’s writing, Testimonio, la nueva canción and subaltern voices
  4. Artistic and Literary Vanguards and Latin American Poetic Movements
  5. Cinema, Performing Arts and Sports

Unit-X: Contemporary Latin America

  1. Internationalisation, Regional Integration, Indigenous Assertion and New Social Movements, De-colonial Thought
  2. De-anchoring of Latin American Writing. Border and Exile Literatures
  3. Experimental Texts (the Merger of Performance, Cinema and Literature)
  4. Non-Fiction Writing, the nueva crónica, the Detective Novel and the New Historical Novel
  5. Cinema, Performing Arts and Sports

[Download UGC NET Spanish Paper 2 Syllabus New PDF ]

UGC NET Spanish Old Syllabus

The UGC NET examination old syllabus which was applicable till December 2018 can be downloaded in pdf format from the following link.

Kindly note that this syllabus is considered outdated and is now not applicable for the upcoming UGC NET examination in Spanish.

[Download UGC NET Spanish Paper 2 Syllabus Old PDF ]

Other Important Study Materials for UGC NET Spanish

You should have the following study materials to boost your exam preparation for the NTA UGC NET Spanish Exam.

Click on the link to access other important notes related to the UGC NET Spanish Exam.

UGC NET Spanish Exam Pattern 2023

UGC NET Spanish Exam has two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Here you can know the facts about UGC NET Spanish Exam 2023

Particulars UGC NET Paper-I Overview
UGC NET Paper-II Overview
Exam mode Online Online
Exam duration 3 hours (180 minutes)
Type of paper Common for all candidates Subject-specific questions
Total questions 50 100
Type of questions MCQs; 4 options with only 1 correct option
MCQs; 4 options with only 1 correct option
Total marks 100 200
Marking scheme 2 marks for the correct answer
0 for an incorrect answer
2 marks for the correct answer
0 for an incorrect answer
Language of paper English & Hindi English

Important Points About UGC NET Spanish Exam Pattern:

  • The Test will have two papers. Both papers will consist of objective-type, multiple-choice questions.
  • There will be no break between papers.
  • you will get 2 marks for each correct response,
  •  There is no negative marking for an incorrect response.
  • No marks will be given for questions Unanswered.
  • If a question is found to be incorrect/ambiguous during the critical challenge, only those candidates who have attempted the question and chosen one of the correct answers would be given credit. Only for dropped question(s), if any, marks will be given to all the candidates.

Benefits Of the Latest UGC NET Spanish Syllabus 2023

For any preparation to be successful, knowing the syllabus and exam pattern is essential. You can definitely score more with the proper use of the UGC NET Spanish Syllabus.

Some notable benefits from the new UGC NET Spanish 22 Syllabus are as below:

  • UGC NET Spanish Syllabus covers all topics that are important for the examinations.
  • UGC NET Syllabus for Spanish also mentions the weightage allotted to different units and chapters, knowing which you may form a strategy for preparing for chapters with high or low weightage.
  • The question paper format is also explained in the syllabus.
  • Having a clear understanding of your syllabus and the weightage of various sections will definitely help you decide how much time you should dedicate to each section.
  • Generally, the exam papers for each course are designed as per the syllabus prescribed for that course.
  • So, preparing according to the topic and instructions mentioned in the syllabus obviously helps to crack the exam with good scores.

We have covered the detailed guide on NTA UGC NET Spanish Syllabus 2023. Feel free to ask us any questions in the comment section below.

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